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Unlock the Power of Citrus Essential Oils

Citrus essential oils encapsulate vitality and well-being in every drop. At 20 Orange Spa, we emphasize the importance of these oils, integrating them into our products for their unrivaled health-giving properties. Among our offerings are the citrus-infused Citrus Bliss Salt Scrub and our luxurious Sublime Eye Serum. Traverse with us into the mesmerizing world of Citrus Essential Oils and unearth their life-enhancing benefits.

A vibrant assortment of fresh-cut citrus fruits, including bright orange slices, zesty lemon wedges, and juicy lime halves, radiating fresh and invigorating scents that inspire the theme of our blog post 'Unlock the Power of Citrus Essential Oils.


Your Guide to the Eight Citrus Essential Oils Wonders

Sourced from the peels of various citrus fruits through cold-pressing or steam distillation methods, these Citrus Essential Oils infuse irresistible fragrances with a myriad of wellness benefits:

  • Sweet Orange: This oil breathes life into your skin and spirit with its joyful scent and skin toning properties.

  • Bitter Orange: Not just a stress-reliever, it also improves digestion and unwinds your muscles and nerves.

  • Neroli: Radiating a floral scent, this oil, derived from bitter orange tree blossoms, enhances skin regeneration and flexibility.

  • Bergamot: Its calming aroma fights stress and anxiety, while its antiviral properties battle skin conditions.

  • Lemon: An excellent detoxifier, lemon essential oil act as skin purifiers and immunity boosters.

  • Lime: Lime oil's antioxidative properties maintain a youthful skin and sluggish aging.

  • Grapefruit: A tremendous body and mind stimulator, grapefruit oil improves skin tone and circulation.

  • Petitgrain: This balancing oil provides equilibrium to both your skin and emotions.

Celebrating Citrus Essential Oils at 20 Orange Spa

At 20 Orange Spa, we cherish the unparalleled benefits of citrus essential oils, integrating their zestful essence into many of our treatments and products to offer our guests a truly sensorial and therapeutic spa experience. Some of our favorite citrus powered services and products are:

  • Citrus Bliss Salt Scrub: Begin your rejuvenation journey with our Citrus Bliss Salt Scrub, featuring a harmonious blend of Sweet Orange and Lemon essential oils. The scrub is enriched with restorative sea salt that gently exfoliates, detoxifies, and revitalizes your skin while elevating the senses with its joyful and refreshing aroma.

  • Sublime Eye Serum: Illuminate the delicate area around your eyes with our Sublime Eye Serum. Infused with the delicate notes of Bergamot essential oil, this serum is specially formulated to reduce dark circles, smooth out fine lines, and alleviate puffiness, leaving you looking refreshed and vibrant.

  • Orange You So Beautiful Mud Wrap: Our Orange You So Beautiful Mud Wrap is a celebration of texture and aroma. A luxurious mixture of Kaolin Clay merges with the fragrant infusion of hibiscus tea and rosewater, enhanced with the cheerful scent of Sweet Orange essential oil. This treatment not only purifies and softens the skin but wraps you in the prettiest pink hue upon application, allowing for a beauty treatment that's as visually delightful as it is indulgent.

  • Midnight Yin Magnesium Spray: Cap off your day with our Midnight Yin Magnesium Spray. This tranquil elixir combines the calming properties of magnesium with the soothing scent of Sweet Orange essential oil to promote better sleep and relaxation. A spritz before bedtime helps ease the body and mind, inviting a peaceful slumber.

Health-boosting Properties of Citrus Essential Oils

  • Mood Enhancement: Citrus Essential Oils naturally augment mood by promoting serotonin production and curbing cortisol levels.

  • Skin Vitality: These oils stimulate skin vitality by eliminating toxins, accelerating circulation, and promoting cell regeneration.

  • Immune Support: Rich in vitamin C, Citrus Essential Oils enhance the immune system and parade anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

At 20 Orange Spa, our fixation with the citrus family emerges from their extraordinary health and wellness benefits. We excel in creating experiences that invigorate your senses and renew your body and mind. Immerse yourself in the aura of citrus magic and welcome the essence of daily wellness into your life—embrace the citrus at 20 Orange Spa today!

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