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Thermotherapy & Infrared Sauna

Use the power of hot and cold to promote amazing systemic changes that range the full gamut--from beauty to chronic pain relief. This ancient technique is done in our private Fire and Ice Room where you can choose to use the sauna and/or the plunge for your advantage. Please note that several health conditions can preclude these kinds of treatments such as pregnancy and certain heart conditions. When you book your appointment we'll make sure this is right for you.



$40 for 30 Minutes
$150 Monthly Unlimited Use Membership

Reconnect with yourself using our infrared thermotherapy chamber. Infrared light penetrates your body in a different way than traditional heat so infrared saunas can be far more comfortable than the traditional heated sauna you might have already experienced. Benefits include: improving heart health, soothing sore muscles and pain relief along with better sleep and relaxation. Schedule your session today!

Infrared Sauna: Treatments


$30 for 15 Minutes

Do it! While it might seem daunting to some of us, this amenity is definitely something to experience while you're here at 20 Orange Spa. Cryotherapy is an ancient principle based around gently shocking your body into action using cold water. Athletes, warriors and healers have used this for centuries and now we've brought it to you in luxurious fashion. You'll be coached through some basic breathing techniques before taking the plunge for about 2-3 minutes. It's particularly effective and pleasurable coupled with the infrared sauna, known as Nordic style or contrast therapy.

(Please bring your bathing suit if you intend to plunge.)

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