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60 Minutes $120

75 Minutes $150
90 Minutes $168
120 Minutes $222

*For your convenience, our prices include a 20% service fee.

Instead of choosing from a complicated menu, allow our therapists to customize your massage and ensure your session is ideal for you. Whether you desire deep tissue, classic Swedish, sports massage, or neuromuscular techniques, our variety of styles will be sure to satisfy your needs.

Therapeutic Massage: Treatments


Elevate your treatment without extending time with our thoughtful array of enhancements. These custom add-ons are seamlessly integrated into your service, enriching your experience while respecting your schedule. Choose from our enticing selection to further personalize your wellness journey, maintaining the same treatment duration.

Click here for our specialty body treatments such as scrubs and mud wraps.


Signature Body Butter


During your treatment, choose our signature whipped body butter made with all natural ingredients including mango and coconut butters along with jojoba, vitamin E oils, and aloe. This upgrade includes a keepsake 4oz jar of our body butter to take home with you and enjoy.


Garshana (Dry Brush Technique)


This rejuvenating treatment cleanses pores, exfoliates the skin, minimizes cellulite, and bolsters your immune system by promoting lymph flow. Enhance your natural energy levels and detoxify your body for optimal well-being. We believe you'll adore it, and the complimentary keepsake dry brush will quickly become an essential part of your at-home self-care ritual.




Usually centered on your feet during this focused session adds 30-minutes and involves applied pressure to specific reflex points linked to different body systems. Should you desire, your session can extend to your hands as well. Experience a ripple of relaxation and balanced energy throughout your body with this potent wellness technique.

sublime eye.JPG

Sublime Eye


Surrender to the soothing touch of our signature eye serum, lavishly applied for maximum rejuvenation. Cocoon your eyes in blissful serenity during your massage or body treatment, providing them with the refreshing break they truly crave. 




Enrich your massage with a personalized aromatherapy experience. Choose an essential oil tailored to your wellness needs from our curated selection at 20 Orange Spa. Your therapist will combine your chosen oil with your treatment, ensuring a custom experience focused on your preferences and well-being.


Velvet Crown Treatment


Surrender to luxury with our distinguished head and scalp massage, enriched with our custom blend of oils made to revitalize your hair and scalp. Let our exquisite oil weave its magic, providing unparalleled relaxation during the session. Feel free to take the indulgence home by wearing our optional turban, which retains the oil treatment throughout the night. The take-home turban is available for an additional $10.


Cupping Therapy


Specialized suction cups are expertly applied to boost blood flow, remove toxins, and clear stagnant blood. This unique therapy enhances circulation, breaks down muscle fiber adhesions, and improves your range of motion. Embrace the opportunity to indulge in this distinctive and highly beneficial treatment that's withstood the test of time.


The Snooze Button


Ever wished your euphoric spa session could last just a little longer? 'The Snooze Button' is designed just for you. Prolong the bliss of your 60 or 90-minute session with this 15-minute upgrade. Maximize relaxation and relish every extra moment of tranquility - because the best things in life deserve a little more time.


Spot Stones


Experience an intuitive approach to healing. Hot stones effectively ease muscle tension for swift manipulation, while cold stones revitalize and detox inflamed tissues. Your choice guides this mindful journey to tranquil bliss.


Loving Limbs

$36 for Hand or Foot

$60 for Both

Tailored to impeccably nourish your hands, feet, or both, this targeted massage with our exclusive Loving Limb Balm precedes a soothing warm wrap experience. This treatment revitalizes weary joints, softens skin, and takes your massage or exfoliation service to the next level.

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