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Our monthly memberships are designed to for ease. You can gift your membership to your friends and family, and cancel anytime. Ask us for details.


20 Orange Spa Signature
Monthly Membership


Wilmington's Juiciest Membership! Each month, relish in a 60 minute massage or facial, tailored with an upgrade of your choice, plus unwind with two complimentary sauna sessions, shareable with friends and enjoy a 10% discount on boutique items, added services and gift cards. Can't make your treatment? Transfer your service to a friend! Cancel anytime.

Unlimited Infrared Sauna
Monthly Membership


Get unlimited use of our private infrared sauna as much as you'd like. It's a two-seater, so feel free to bring a friend.

Thermotherapy 101_ The 5 Amazing Benefits of Infrared Saunas  2.jpeg

Unlimited Cold Plunge
Monthly Membership


For the bravest of warriors! Schedule your plunge whenever is convenient to you and reset yourself as often as you'd like.

Unlimited Fire and Ice
Monthly Membership

$200 monthly

$1920 annual

Elevate your wellness with our Fire and Ice Membership. Experience the perfect blend of the sauna's gentle warmth and the cold plunge's invigorating chill. Ideal for athletes and those seeking pain relief, this membership reduces inflammation, boosts circulation, and improves sleep. Great as a massage enhancer or a standalone session. Surrender to the harmonious dance of fire and ice in your wellness journey, where restorative powers meet.


20 Orange Supreme Membership


Experience superior wellness with the Ultimate 20 Orange Membership. Enjoy two enhanced 60-minute massages or facials per month. Benefit from unlimited access to our sauna and cold plunge. Share or transfer treatments with friends. Enjoy a 10% store-wide discount. All these luxuries, cancel anytime. An elevated lifestyle of relaxation with Ultimate 20 Orange Membership is within your reach.

Already a member?

Considering a membership or already a member? Explore our Membership-Only Specials page! It updates monthly with exclusive premium upgrade options to enhance your wellness journey. Get the most out of your Ultimate 20 Orange Membership - discover your options today!

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